The Project

Professional management sets the basis to successful organizations of adult education, staff satisfaction and quality consciousness. This is especially meaningful to adult education provided by non-profit organization, which due to their origin and history have had less chance for professionalisation. It is suggested to meet this need for professionalization in management by addressing the following skills:

  • human resources (staff / volunteer motivation, qualification and evaluation)
  • marketing und fundraising
  • management of finances and controlling
  • monitoring and evaluation of educational programmes
  • communication management
  • self management
  • project management especially in a European context
  • ICT deployment
  • arrangement of committees and boards
  • lobbying and negotiating with external bodies
  • following and implementing changes in legislation and regulations.

The primary objective is to analyze the status quo of management in the partner organizations, share and apply most effective managerial methods and procedures, develop intercultural sensitivity in management concepts and produce an article series and webpresence on our findings. Managerial staff from the participating organizations will run six meetings adding up to 144 mobilities with alternating venues to share experiences, communicate best practice examples in a peer learning format and invite guest speakers.